“Border Terriers are lovely, friendly little dogs with very cute faces and small enough to fit into a flat or tiny house or garden.”  This is most people’s perception of a Border Terrier.

All the above is true, but it must be remembered that Border Terriers have been bred for many years as a WORKING dog, who will run with hounds, go to ground when necessary, attack and defend itself as required and is a TERRIER.

This means that Borders need a lot of exercise, not just a potter down the road and back twice a day, maximum ten minutes.  

They need mental stimulation, human company (which they love), not too much food or they may become overweight, and they have to be watched with other, strange, dogs as they can be defensive.  Having said that, owning a Border Terrier is very rewarding; they are wonderful companions, will walk all day without tiring and curl up quietly by the fire in the evening.

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