In the heat of one of the UK’s hottest summers, I was seeking shelter under a pair of Sweet Chestnut trees. I had my camera primed and I was leaning against one of the trees – daydreaming! Without warning two Fox cubs emerged from a wooded area directly opposite me.

I was downwind and shrouded in deep shadow. Instinctively, I started taking photographs and only needed to make the smallest of adjustments. The Fox cubs continued playing only stopping to re-position themselves before the start of the next play-fight.

Suddenly, the female ran back into the wooded area. The male heard my camera but stood his ground. He was inquisitive – he moved closer to me … stopping about 15 metres away from me and defiantly looking into my eyes. Then turning, he proudly and slowly walked away. After a few seconds, he looked back over his shoulder as if to say “it was good to see you” I whispered – “it was really good to see you also!”

I will never forget that “chance meeting” – a wonderful and humbling privilege.

Photographs by CRUSH Photography©

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